Monday, 19 August 2013

Carbon Credit Trading in China Hopes to Help Curb Wanton Pollution

How Emerald Knight Carbon Credits Can Reduce Social Unrest

Pollution can drive societies to the brink of agitation. Just ask China.

The country with a pollution problem bad enough to make people wear surgical masks every day has recently initiated carbon trading for cleaner air. Pilot programs have already started in several China cities where air pollution is at its worst, mostly in the northern province of Hubei. Trading carbon credits from Emerald Knight, in this case, has both environmental and social implications.

For many, it's a welcome move. Pollution-related ailments claim half-a-million lives every year in China, says the World Bank, reducing over-all life expectancy by 5.5 years. Hurdles in implementation of stricter environmental policies have given way to demonstrations over the past few years, one of which was in 2005 when three people were killed in a riot over a planned power plant in Dongzhou.

In 2009, China made a commitment during the climate talks in Copenhagen to reduce its emissions per unit of GDP to 45 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. The government saw emissions trading as one of two ways to achieve this goal, a strategy which will have companies either reducing their actual carbon emissions, or buying carbon credits.

However, one question remains. Is China serious about it?

The country's emissions trading scheme faces political and economic challenges. The government has failed to implement its environmental policies effectively due to some companies' unlawful practices like the construction of hidden pipes for toxic discharge or waste disposal under the cover of darkness. In addition, some firms, the government says, are under the protection of local officials.

Shenzhen will be the center of this collective effort. With more than 600 companies responsible for 40 percent of the city's air pollution, the program sets the limit for these companies at 100 million metric tons (Mt) of carbon within a three-year span. Shenzhen's initiatives won't have any significant impact; but if the program is successful, other cities like Beijing and Shanghai may soon follow.

Overall, China is tackling its pollution problem one city at a time. Its carbon trading pilot program, analysts say, is a signal to the world of the country's commitment to curb air pollution and reduce its emissions, as it intended to do so since Copenhagen. It is hoped that there will be less riots on the streets, especially if trading carbon credits from Emerald Knight proves to be a viable long-term solution.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects and Other Green Developments to Support

Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects and Other Green Developments to Support

There's a good reason why the most apt metaphor for nature is the Web of Life, and that's because all life forms are dependent on each other to survive. Whole ecosystems could collapse if one plant or animal species suddenly ceases to exist; one missing piece can cause the entire web to fall apart. Man may have risen to the top of the food chain, but his wanton use of resources has led to the extinction of many species and looks to be leading towards the destruction of the world as we know it.

It's humanity's responsibility to give back to nature after putting so many resources to waste. There are various ways to go about restoring the planet, and they don't all entail physically replanting trees or sheltering endangered species. You can still help rejuvenate nature by way of investing in Emerald Knight bamboo reforestation projects and other similar opportunities.

Green investments refer to projects designed to restore nature and help make up for man's reckless use of resources in the past. These investments can be anything from reforestation, to crop replanting, and even research into alternative energy sources. While investing in these projects can bring investors some cash on the side, it's ultimately the projects' contribution towards the environment and humanity as a whole that will make these investments worth your time and effort.

There's also a bit more to ethical environmental investments than just saving the planet and earning cash. Investors can greatly improve their public image by actively investing in such products. Corporate investors can make an ethical stand; and such genuine aid can win the hearts of both consumers and their stockholders.

As beneficial as they are, it can be challenging to find ecological investment opportunities. Thankfully, Emerald Knight bamboo projects and other green efforts are accessible through the help of investment consultants. These specialized professionals keep abreast of the latest environmental efforts, and can easily refer investors to promising new programs.

The web of life hangs in a delicate balance; humanity can't afford to upset this balance if it hopes to spare the world from irrevocable destruction. Every investor looking to save the planet should look into trying ethical investments.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Learning about Types of Carbon Credits through Emerald Knight Consultants

Learning About Types of Carbon Credits Through Emerald Knight Consultants

The world may be heading towards a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Several environmental experts claim that global warming is a looming danger due to high greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and intense deforestation. The latter, in turn, reduces the ecosystem's ability to reprocess carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen.

The extension of the Kyoto Protocol until 2020 has given the international community an added push to trim all carbon emissions. Part and parcel of this effort is carbon credits trading, particularly among CO2 emitters of every stripe. If you are a CO2 emitter and you want to join such a market, you may want to seek guidance from companies that market carbon credits like Emerald Knight Consultants. This way, you'll learn which types of credits are applicable to you and how much you ought to trade.

Carbon credits are broken down into two categories. The Compliance Carbon Credits are the credits that are regulated and traded under the Kyoto Protocol. Emitters will often have specific reduction targets to meet. The Voluntary Carbon Credits are credits usually traded across several specific markets, especially in the United States, which has not ratified the Protocol and has no binding targets either.

The Certified Emission Reduction (CER) is the most basic form of Compliance Carbon Credit and this is found among projects in developing countries. The Clean Development Mechanism governs the emissions certification for such projects. Its counterpart in developed nations is the Emission Reduction Unit, which is made through Joint Implementation programs. The European Union also has its own trading scheme that follows the Protocol, called the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Emitters trading in Voluntary Carbon Credits can start through Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) credits, which have been established as an international standard. Already meeting standards as stated in the Kyoto Protocol, VCS credits require independent verification of permanent, measured abatement. Renewable Energy Certificates are unique in the sense that they represent how much CO2 is saved through the efficient use of renewable energy sources like wind in generating one megawatt-hour of electricity.

Climate change is enough to give people pause about the environment's woes. Carbon credit projects such as those marketed by companies such as Emerald Knight Consultants will help reduce carbon emissions and help reduce damage to the environment.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Hydroelectric Power Generation Investments

Hydroelectric Investments Marketed by Emerald Knight

The on-going search for more sources of renewable energy is no longer a task relegated to scientists and philanthropists. Hydroelectric power attracts many people simply because it is a very lucrative business that can compete with more conventional electric power generation operations. Investment marketers like Emerald Knight can identify hydroelectric investments.

It's a Growing Market

This industry seems to be thriving. China, Canada, and Brazil continue to gain a larger share in the global hydroelectric market each year. In 2008, China generated roughly 18 percent of the entire world's hydroelectric power. This was a considerable achievement, knowing that the largest segment of hydropower (about 31 percent) comes from local, small-scale power plants spread across the planet. Experts predict that hydropower’s market value will be maintained at around $2.2 billion per year, so long as its three- to eight- percent growth rate remains consistent until 2020. Investment opportunities, however, are a different story altogether, since many factors can determine the functionality and profitability of prospective sites of hydropower in different locations worldwide. Topography, water pressure, and even the presence of sediments can make or break the creation of a hydroelectric plant.

The Market Needs Help

Currently, machines and equipment for hydroelectric power can remain functional for 30 to 60 years. In practice, however, this is not the case—especially in developing countries that lack resources for maintenance of the equipment. It is expected that most hydroelectric power plants across the globe would need to be renovated and upgraded by 2030. However, the future looks promising now that organizations like the World Bank are spearheading development projects for this industry to refurbish existing HEP stations and develop new hydro-electric power stations. Private funding into these initiatives are good for the environment and can provide good returns for private investors.

You Can Help Save the Planet by Making Renewable Energy Investments

Getting to Know Renewable Energy Investments through Marketers like Emerald Knight

In the 2006 documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” former vice president Al Gore emphasized that “as more and more people understand what's at stake, they become a part of the solution, and share both in the challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crises.” Today, many organisations have taken a pro-active role in the global cause for environment conservation. On their part, private investors can participate in these efforts through socially responsible investments marketed by companies like UK-based Emerald Knight.

One of the various goals of SRIs is to reduce the worldwide use of fossil fuel in favor of renewable energy sources. This, of course, is a challenge for many since they rely on fossil fuels for electricity, heating, cooking, and industry. The majority of the world's electric power is produced by burning coal, petroleum, and natural gas; with the remaining amount generated by nuclear power, hydroelectric dams, geothermal plants, and other alternative sources.

Fossil fuels are sourced from the organic remains of organisms that formed steadily over a period of well over 150 million years. These resources are limited and scientists say that it is only a matter of time before fossil fuel supplies totally run out.

For this reason, organisations have come together to strengthen renewable energy efforts and, at the same time, open opportunities for investments in renewable energy, such as those marketed by the Emerald Knight. If people move to carbon-free energy sources, rather than fossil fuels, there will be much less air pollution generated which will reduce the growing threat of climate change caused by carbon emissions. 

Wind turbine power is considered to be among the most feasible solutions to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Massive turbine blades harness the energy of the wind as it rotates their turbines to run generators that convert the force into useful and clean electric power. These are situated where wind is constant and considerably powerful, often along the coast. In the British Isles, 4,366 wind turbines are currently in operation, with another 763 expected to be up and running within the year.

There is currently no blueprint for renewable energy, so private initiatives are being set up to find cost effective renewable energy sources. Emerald Knight look for and find these projects and market select opportunities to their client base.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Saving the Environment through Emerald Knight Investment Portfolios

Saving the Environment with Emerald Knight Investment Portfolios

The effects of climate change are increasingly felt around the world, and this has prompted governments, in conjunction with the scientific community and the private sector, to act with haste. At the same time, a growing number of concerned individuals and corporate entities have realized the need to support global efforts aimed at curbing the loss of resources, greenhouse gas emissions, worsening weather crises, and other problems. Such a worldwide trend has created the perfect environment, so to speak, for ethical or socially responsible investment (SRI) opportunities.

Rampant capitalism, i.e. economic growth with very little regard for the environment, has proven to be unsustainable. The Industrial Revolution may have led to tremendous technological and economic progress, yet it also laid waste to vast expanses of forest and potable water sources. Clearly, the prevailing mantra back then was profit at all cost. Times have changed, however, and a lot more profit-oriented folks now opt to go the SRI route through the projects found and marketed by Emerald Knight.

Those who engage in SRI initiatives steer clear of business ventures that harm the environment and have a negative effect on society. Instead, socially responsible investors help fund projects that address environmental as well as humanitarian issues. These include research and development for sustainable energy sources, reforestation projects, social housing, and carbon offsetting.

Ethical investing now forms more than just a niche sector and is in fact a widely accepted investment style. Individual as well as corporate investors who support environmental causes in principle yet are somehow unable to directly participate in conservation efforts can now put their money where their mouth is. In turn, firms like Emerald Knight Limited can bring socially responsible investment opportunities to the attention of investors to help them build a diversified investment portfolio.

While SRI is a matter of principle, investments are ultimately a profit-oriented undertaking and those that invest in the alternative market naturally expect returns on their investments. Always consult a certified financial advisor to learn about the risks with any opportunity before investing.

The Emerald Knight Ltd: Promoting Sustainable Investment Portfolios

Emerald Knight Ltd: Promoting Sustainable Investment Portfolios

The global economy and the international world of finance have not yet fully recovered from the Great Recession. Territories like Japan and the European Union continue to experience slow growth and the crippling effects of a weakened monetary system. Unemployment rates remain high in many countries, and this has spawned social unrest and open revolts against governments and their ineffectual economic policies. 

What factors brought about this economic downturn? There's no simple black and white answer as the reasons are complex, though most analysts believe that the high level of debt in many developed countries was the primary cause of the recession. This crisis has caused many analysts to question the exploitative practices utilized by growth capitalism, and many experts from companies like Emerald Knight Consultants believe that socially responsible investing or green investments are the way of the future.

Such companies promote sustainable investment portfolios that create alternative opportunities for investors with proven social and environmental benefits. Green investments opportunities have the power to generate profits without undermining environmental, social, and government policies.

In fact, according to an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review, companies that invest in sustainability do better financially than those that don't. In the past, people had the wrong impression that responsible or sustainable investments were great for public relations, but led to diminished investment returns. Recent research has shown this to be untrue.

The reality is that resource-efficient companies—which are companies that use less water and energy, and generate less waste during the production process—tend to produce higher investment returns than companies that are less resource-efficient. Studies have also shown that resource-efficient companies demonstrate higher standards of innovation and entrepreneurship, which makes them better investment targets.

Companies like Emerald Knight Ltd understand the value of promoting sustainable investments, and continue to market a dynamic portfolio of opportunities to their database. Socially responsible investing and other green initiatives can safeguard our resources, mitigate climate change, and create new opportunities for economic growth, which will revitalize the world economy. By transitioning to sustainable capitalism, we can create a better future for our descendants.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fight Global Warming Putting Money into Profitable Alternative Assets

Help Fight Global Warming with Profitable Alternative Assets Available through the Emerald Knight Group

The Code of Hammurabi is regarded as one of the earliest known legal treatises to deal with financial matters. Created by the namesake ruler who led Babylon to greatness from 1795-1750 BC, this ancient legal code obligated those who accepted money from merchants to pay back capital outlays even at a loss. Financial systems have since evolved tremendously, but then as now, investors have one goal in mind: profit. 

Today, increased global awareness about environmental issues like global warming have opened up lucrative financial opportunities in the form of alternative assets with socially responsible outlooks that companies like UK-based Emerald Knight help market to interested parties. Some skeptics may dismiss such financial products offhand, arguing that global warming is a non-issue. Unfortunately, global warming is very much real, as illustrated by the following scenarios.

Increasingly warmer temperatures

Since 1978, scientists have continuously raised the alarm over rising temperatures worldwide. This phenomenon became of particular concern in Australia where, last January, temperatures rose to as high as 49 degrees Celsius, shattering all records since 1932. Certain areas in the United States are also at risk; a recent study from Columbia University has even predicted an increase in heat-related deaths in Manhattan this summer.

Rising sea levels

Sea levels throughout the world have risen dramatically over the last century, mainly due to thermal expansion and melting glaciers. Scientists note that global sea levels will increase at an accelerated rate, at roughly between seven and 23 inches by the century's end. Should this come to pass, the National Wildlife Federation predicts that by 2100, approximately 56 million people in 84 countries will be displaced.

Decreasing wildlife population

With the destruction of natural habitats and rampant pollution, the world's wildlife population has significantly declined over the past few decades, thereby upsetting the planet's ecological balance. In the UK, for instance, it is reported that 10 percent of species in the wild—including beloved creatures like hedgehogs, turtle doves, and red squirrels—are endangered.

You can make money through traditional means, or you can support meaningful environmental causes and make a profit at the same time. Companies like Gibraltar and UK-registered Emerald Knight continuously search for green funding initiatives with humanitarian dimensions, such as reforestation, carbon offsetting, sustainable energy research, and social housing, to name a few. Such companies maintain due diligence and study each recommended project thoroughly to ensure optimum returns.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Add Ethical Investments to your Portfolio | Emerald Knight Consultants

Adding Ethical Investments to your Portfolio with the Help of Emerald Knight Consultants

Putting your hard-earned money in assets that will yield great returns is never an easy enterprise. Moreover, traditional investments are not always sustainable, and some of them do not promote environmental stewardship or consumer and human rights. To make a good profit while safeguarding the environment and protecting the rights of the international community, individuals should look into alternative forms of growing their money.

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is one such alternative. Individuals interested in SRI avoid stocks and other assets that may damage communities or the environment, like weapons manufacturing, the production and distribution of pornography, and logging activities that lead to rapid deforestation. Individuals can seek the marketing expertise of Emerald Knight Consultants if they wish to add socially responsible assets to their portfolios.

Professional consultants can help their clients identify and repudiate assets that do not fit the criteria set down by SRI. While some assets may appear to be both lucrative and innocuous at first glance, they may have a tainted history. Examples of such assets include the trade in gemstones and precious metals like diamonds and gold. Some of these commodities are mined in countries that are experiencing armed conflict, with mining operations being directed by governments and insurgents that are guilty of extreme human rights abuses. 

Socially responsible individuals will naturally want to avoid putting their money in blood diamonds and other conflict minerals, as income generated by such resources is being used to fund wars. Consultants from companies like Emerald Knight Ltd are well informed on current economic, environmental, and political trends, and will only market opportunities that have passed accepted ethical standards.

Companies today are leaning towards enterprises that benefit developing countries; this will not only yield great financial returns, but will also fuel growth in emerging markets. Social housing projects in nations like Brazil are capable of yielding an anticipated 20 percent in fixed returns as well as principal capital return in 12 months. These projects aim to transfer underprivileged Brazilians from slums to well-constructed homes in safe communities.

Eco-conscious opportunities—like reforestation projects, alternative energy research and development, and the purchase of carbon credits—have the power to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change and restore the world's dwindling forests and woodlands. By choosing ethically sound strategies to grow their money, individuals are securing not only their own futures, but those of entire communities as well.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Some of the Ecologically Sound Investment Options from Emerald Knight

Investment Portfolio: Different Types of Projects Marketed by Emerald Knight for Carbon Credits

When considering ethical investments, there are a multitude of choices to select from, each with different aspects to consider. Emerald Knight actively look for and promote ethical opportunities which can be marketed to their database to ensure clients have the opportunity to read about projects and determine for themselves if they are suitable for their portfolio. Below are examples of projects marketed by Emerald Knight Consultants.

Bamboo Investment

Planting the world’s tallest grass has proven to be a viable enterprise due to its rapid growth and numerous applications. Hectares of bamboo forests cater to the increasing demand for timber, while also serving as “cleaners” of the atmosphere by absorbing tonnes of carbon dioxide. One of the main highlights of investing in Emerald Knight’s bamboo projects is the return on investment (ROI) forecast at around 25 percent each year.

Renewable Energy

Alternative and sustainable energy sources are fast-growing investment opportunities, more so when more and more corporations and organizations are pressured to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. Technological developments have made the construction of solar farms and wind farms more feasible, the latter requiring careful site selection. Offshore wind turbines, especially in the United Kingdom, have begun providing several more gigawatts of electric power due to these investments.

Forestry Investment

If you’re looking for a long-term investment that focuses on carbon offsetting as much as ROI, sustainable forestry projects are a good option. Apart from minimizing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, forests also prevent flooding, soil erosion, and other imbalances in the ecosystem. Placing your money in forestry projects is like supporting the rehabilitation of sickly Mother Earth.

Timber Investment

Timber investment is different from forestry since timber is focused more on catering to demands for commercial wood. Timber forests are usually planted with hardwood and softwood tree species such as mahogany, teak, and pine. Without sustainable timberland, you can bid farewell to lumber, pulp and paper products, and wood-based construction materials.

Using Emerald Knight to research green investment opportunities is an effective way for you to learn about investment projects that are being set up to help make the world a better place. Indeed, you don’t need superpowers and a costume to be a hero. Sometimes, all it takes is a good head for investments, and a heart for ethical principles.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Making Worthy Investments for the Ecosystem through Bamboo Plantations

Positive Environmental Impact of SRIs Such as Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects

While you’re looking through your options for socially responsible investments (SRIs), one of the choices that would surely catch your interest is bamboo plantations. Considering the numerous beneficial qualities of bamboo, especially its positive effects on the environment, it’s no wonder that investors have shown a great deal of interest in ventures such as Emerald Knight bamboo investments. To highlight the eco-friendliness of bamboo investment projects, the following are some ways in which bamboo helps protect the Earth.

Additional solution for water pollution.

For wastewater and sludge treatment, the Root Zone Method (RZM) has been developed by water treatment specialists. This process relies on the filtering capability of soil and the action of microorganisms present in the root zone of bamboo trees, which leads to the decomposition of toxic substances in wastewater. As of now, the use of bamboo stem rings as filters is also being studied.

Reduction of environmental toxins.

You probably already know that bamboo trees are huge absorbers of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, which they use for photosynthesis. Aside from removing waste gases from the atmosphere, this process also releases precious oxygen. Did you know that bamboo cultivation rarely requires the use of pesticides? Since bamboo plantations are relatively low-maintenance, and most species can grow well with organic fertilizers alone, you can be confident that such investments are viable and cost-efficient.

Prevention of soil erosion and regulation of floodwater.

Sites of Emerald Knight bamboo projects, which can cover hectares of fertile land, are lifesavers to the ecosystems and communities around them. During heavy raining, threats of floods and landslides are averted by bamboo forests due to their high water storage capacities. The extensive network of roots in bamboo thickets is effective in holding loose soil together, thereby reducing erosion, and making hills or slopes safer and more stable.

Preservation of limited natural resources.

Established investment companies, such as Emerald Knight Ltd., usually emphasize the sustainability and multiple applications of bamboo. Compared to other resources, bamboo has superior renewability due to its rapid growth and early maturity. As limited resources for flooring, textile, or construction materials are recuperating, bamboo products are supplying the demand. Although the advantages of bamboo investments are quite attractive, there are still other factors for you to consider. Thus, before you make that financial decision and invest your assets in bamboo plantations, do your own research and speak with a credible investment consultant.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Making Good Ethical Investments through Companies like Emerald Knight

Ethical Investments through Companies like Emerald Knight

To gain brownie points within professed socially responsible circles these days, all you have to do is cram the word ‘sustainable’ into your conversation as much as possible. It’s a word that has gained widespread use, especially among politicians and business leaders who want to prove that they are using their resources in an ethical manner. What was once viewed as the radical green minority is now regarded as mainstream, with its reach becoming increasingly wider. Ethical investing is among the tangible results of the positive worldwide headway made by the green movement. As a concept, ethical investing is relatively novel. The process began when a new crop of concerned investors decided to avoid investing in companies that produce a negative impact on society. Such businesses include weapons manufacturers and tobacco companies. Recently, ethical investors have expanded their interests into sustainable industries with positive ecological impact. These initiatives, which include timber plantations, wind farms, and waste management projects, can be accessed through investment companies such as Emerald Knight.

Timber investments

As trees grow in stature, they also grow in value. Such is the case with this type of investment—returns are driven by biological growth. This means timber investments continually retain their value, even as other assets crash. While timber investments used to be limited to institutional investors, there are now, thankfully, many opportunities for other types of investors to participate in this type of investment.

Wind farms

Wind energy is one of the best sources of renewable energy for electric power generation worldwide. It presents one of the most attractive investment opportunities because of the proven technology and competitive costs involved. Experts predict that wind—together with biofuels and solar energy—will constitute the technologies in which virtually every significant country in the world will be investing over the next decade

Waste management

Waste management has been a longtime favorite of investors everywhere. Although waste management company stocks experienced a decline during the global recession, volume trends have improved starting 2010 with the onset of economic recovery. Outlook for the future is even better. Of course, there are several other types of ethical investments to consider. You may contact investment companies like Emerald Knight to learn about options in various areas. Such first-rate companies will be able to demonstrate an excellent level of investment knowledge and a verifiable track record.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Emerald Knight Projects: The Ethical Choice to Profit from Investments

Emerald Knight Projects: The Ethical Choice to Investment Profit

Society’s increasing emphasis on social and environmental responsibilities is playing a huge role on how financial services are conducted all over the world. That’s why investments based on ethical principles are now widely available for anyone who wants to do his part in promoting social and environmental change.
The theory is that companies that make a positive contribution to people, wildlife, and the world in general are less likely to experience costly court actions, boycotts, strikes, or disagreements with regulators—all of which can have disastrous effects to their shares. Ethical companies should, therefore, have better long-term prospects. Ethical ventures offered by investment house Emerald Knight is a good example of such prospects.

How to invest ethically

Put simply, ethical investments encourage factors like environmental stewardship, human rights, consumer protection, and ethnical diversity. The areas of main concern for such investments can be summarized into one thing: environmental social governance (ESG). That’s why most ethical investments are handled through managed funds.
Managed funds are exactly that—an investment fund managed by a professional fund manager. These funds operate in the same manner as conventional funds in that baskets of shares are bought within a chosen sector. The difference lies in the thrust of the particular investment project. It goes without saying that with ethical investment funds, you not only find a grounded and sustainable way to profit from your money, but also ensure your contribution to the general sustainability of life here on earth.

Identifying what investments are ethical

Examples of ethical investments include pollution control, energy conservation and renewal, recycling measures, environmental protection, and ethical employment practices. Non-ethical investments include involvement in gambling, weapons manufacture, alcohol and tobacco promotion, pornography, oppressive regimes, animal testing, etc. If you invest in ethical investments, you can be sure that your finances are devoid of any of the negative examples mentioned above.
There are a large number of funds out there that apply completely ethical and environmental criteria. Emerald Knight investments are some of them. You can learn about other forms of ethical investments from the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS), a charity that aims to raise ethical investments awareness and regularly publishes a list of ethical financial advisers.

Tips for Successful Green Investments from Firms like Emerald Knight

Top Tips for Successful Green Investments from Firms like Emerald Knight

With pollution, climate change, and environmental degradation continuing to plague mankind, everyone must take an active role in making sure that future generations will have a clean and safe environment to live in. One way to participate in this effort is to venture into green investing. Green investing aims to improve the environment by supporting enterprises that use or promote clean and sustainable technologies. If you’re willing to explore the benefits of this kind of venture, green investment firm Emerald Knight has some tips to help you out.

Where Do You Want to Invest?

Green investments are divided into different sectors, including renewable energy, pollution control, and natural foods. Each of these sectors is further divided into many subgroups. If you’re planning to venture into green investing, the first thing you need to do is determine which sector you want to invest in.
Choose sectors which best align with your personal and environmental beliefs. From a list of recommended investment projects that have passed the required due diligence of firms like Emerald Knight, choose one that can help further those beliefs. Don’t forget to diversify your investment portfolio, and check out other investments of other green sectors.

Figure out How You Want to Invest

Once you know which sector to invest in, figure out how you want to do so. As with traditional investing, there are many ways for you to go for a green enterprise that you like. Stocks, mutual funds, microfinance, and venture capitalism are some examples of investment opportunities. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks, and caters to different kinds of investors.

Be Wary of “Green” Claims

When picking a business to invest in, Emerald Knight consultants suggest that you ask yourself this question: What identifies something as a green product or service? There are many companies out there that claim to be “green”, but can’t provide solid proof for such claims. If a company’s green claims turn out to be false, you will suffer when the company’s stock plummets. Before investing in a certain green business, make sure that its claims are verifiable and true.
Finally, if you really want to venture into green investing, get an active role in advocating for sustainable change. You can do this by becoming a stakeholder. Instead of just holding shares, stakeholders can have an active role in shaping company policies towards environmental reform.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Making Investments with Emerald Knight to Help Build a Better World

Building a Better World Through Emerald Knight Ethical Investments

Green or ethical investments are different from mainstream investments because they are not only made based on the promise of financial returns. This type of investing takes into account the social and environmental impact that the company’s activities may have. These are the types of financial products provided by Emerald Knight consultants to their clients.

Just as “green” products and services are available to consumers who commit themselves to using them, financial products that benefit the environment and society are also available options for today’s socially-responsible investors. These investments may promote better corporate social responsibility, innovative solutions for increased energy efficiency, or greener production processes. In the same manner as one’s own principles determine how he lives his life, one’s spending patterns are indicators of his personal values.


Fund organizations have varied definitions of what is considered ethical. Investors evaluate investment portfolios or mutual funds based on different criteria. They may use either positive or negative screens in choosing which companies to invest in. Emerald Knight consultants are professionals who have backgrounds in the financial sector, and are armed with the ability to determine which companies use green and sustainable practices.

Positive Screens

These are characteristics that investors look for in buying company stocks. A profitable company that exhibits good employer-employee relations and respects human rights all over the world is more likely to be chosen than an enterprise that exploits child laborers and subjects its employees to unsafe work environments. Strong environmental practices, and the use and production of safe and useful products are also included in an ethical investor’s buying checklist.

Negative Screens

This type of screening eliminates companies associated with industries such as alcohol, pornography, arms, animal testing, and tobacco. Issues like arms dealing, human rights abuses, and oppressive regimes are some of those which raise alert flags among responsible investors who prefer to keep their distance from any entity associated with these. Studies have shown that negative screening is not an economically damaging practice as it does not hurt the performance of the industry being shut out.

Screening is a tedious process that requires extensive research and analysis. It is best to turn to a company like Emerald Knight which provides its clients with the ethical investment options that have passed a stringent selection process. By choosing where your money goes and how it is used, you can help in building a better world.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Making Socially Responsible Profits through Emerald Knight Investments

Looking into the Future with Emerald Knight Bamboo Investments

With increasing focus on the environment over the last few decades, investment opportunities focusing on sustainable resources are gaining traction. This is because many executives see the need to for their profit generation to have a socially responsible dimension such as helping the environment through companies like Emerald Knight. While it’s tempting to invest your hard-earned money on stable and notable investments which are safe bets, it is also good to develop the temperament of being able to hold off until the next big thing comes along.

Thankfully, it’s becoming easier to spot the big things in the highly lucrative and socially responsible investment opportunities being developed these days. These prospects involve resources that are sustainable, most of them being organic. Such opportunities include Emerald Knight bamboo investments which aid investors gain revenue from sustainable sources. What exactly do bamboo investments entail, and why are they important? If you are still unaware of this, you need to appreciate how bamboo holds much more promise than timber.

Consider these facts: Bamboo removes up to four times more undesirable carbon dioxide from the air than other trees. At the same time, bamboo shoots release three times more oxygen into the atmosphere than garden plants, largely because of their rapid growth. Moreover, this reputed quick growth inspires perceptive speculators to risk their money on bamboo investments where they can expect a quick return. Perhaps you’ve seen exotic furniture made of bamboo. Furniture making is one of the uses of the evergreen grass (it’s neither a tree nor a shrub). In many Asian countries, various businesses and industries use bamboo extensively for many applications. For instance, some construction companies in China have built road bridges mainly of bamboo, with the completed structures able to accommodate trucks as heavy as 16 tons.

Strong bamboo stalks are used to make musical instruments, utensils, toys, diapers, and more. An increasing number of companies are starting to see the many mainstream uses of bamboo. As a result, they have begun to put their money in Emerald Knight Bamboo investments, in anticipation of gains reaped in only a few months. Such ventures augur continued revenue in the following years. More importantly, they also promise a brighter future for the environment.