Friday, 24 May 2013

Some of the Ecologically Sound Investment Options from Emerald Knight

Investment Portfolio: Different Types of Projects Marketed by Emerald Knight for Carbon Credits

When considering ethical investments, there are a multitude of choices to select from, each with different aspects to consider. Emerald Knight actively look for and promote ethical opportunities which can be marketed to their database to ensure clients have the opportunity to read about projects and determine for themselves if they are suitable for their portfolio. Below are examples of projects marketed by Emerald Knight Consultants.

Bamboo Investment

Planting the world’s tallest grass has proven to be a viable enterprise due to its rapid growth and numerous applications. Hectares of bamboo forests cater to the increasing demand for timber, while also serving as “cleaners” of the atmosphere by absorbing tonnes of carbon dioxide. One of the main highlights of investing in Emerald Knight’s bamboo projects is the return on investment (ROI) forecast at around 25 percent each year.

Renewable Energy

Alternative and sustainable energy sources are fast-growing investment opportunities, more so when more and more corporations and organizations are pressured to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. Technological developments have made the construction of solar farms and wind farms more feasible, the latter requiring careful site selection. Offshore wind turbines, especially in the United Kingdom, have begun providing several more gigawatts of electric power due to these investments.

Forestry Investment

If you’re looking for a long-term investment that focuses on carbon offsetting as much as ROI, sustainable forestry projects are a good option. Apart from minimizing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, forests also prevent flooding, soil erosion, and other imbalances in the ecosystem. Placing your money in forestry projects is like supporting the rehabilitation of sickly Mother Earth.

Timber Investment

Timber investment is different from forestry since timber is focused more on catering to demands for commercial wood. Timber forests are usually planted with hardwood and softwood tree species such as mahogany, teak, and pine. Without sustainable timberland, you can bid farewell to lumber, pulp and paper products, and wood-based construction materials.

Using Emerald Knight to research green investment opportunities is an effective way for you to learn about investment projects that are being set up to help make the world a better place. Indeed, you don’t need superpowers and a costume to be a hero. Sometimes, all it takes is a good head for investments, and a heart for ethical principles.

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