Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fight Global Warming Putting Money into Profitable Alternative Assets

Help Fight Global Warming with Profitable Alternative Assets Available through the Emerald Knight Group

The Code of Hammurabi is regarded as one of the earliest known legal treatises to deal with financial matters. Created by the namesake ruler who led Babylon to greatness from 1795-1750 BC, this ancient legal code obligated those who accepted money from merchants to pay back capital outlays even at a loss. Financial systems have since evolved tremendously, but then as now, investors have one goal in mind: profit. 

Today, increased global awareness about environmental issues like global warming have opened up lucrative financial opportunities in the form of alternative assets with socially responsible outlooks that companies like UK-based Emerald Knight help market to interested parties. Some skeptics may dismiss such financial products offhand, arguing that global warming is a non-issue. Unfortunately, global warming is very much real, as illustrated by the following scenarios.

Increasingly warmer temperatures

Since 1978, scientists have continuously raised the alarm over rising temperatures worldwide. This phenomenon became of particular concern in Australia where, last January, temperatures rose to as high as 49 degrees Celsius, shattering all records since 1932. Certain areas in the United States are also at risk; a recent study from Columbia University has even predicted an increase in heat-related deaths in Manhattan this summer.

Rising sea levels

Sea levels throughout the world have risen dramatically over the last century, mainly due to thermal expansion and melting glaciers. Scientists note that global sea levels will increase at an accelerated rate, at roughly between seven and 23 inches by the century's end. Should this come to pass, the National Wildlife Federation predicts that by 2100, approximately 56 million people in 84 countries will be displaced.

Decreasing wildlife population

With the destruction of natural habitats and rampant pollution, the world's wildlife population has significantly declined over the past few decades, thereby upsetting the planet's ecological balance. In the UK, for instance, it is reported that 10 percent of species in the wild—including beloved creatures like hedgehogs, turtle doves, and red squirrels—are endangered.

You can make money through traditional means, or you can support meaningful environmental causes and make a profit at the same time. Companies like Gibraltar and UK-registered Emerald Knight continuously search for green funding initiatives with humanitarian dimensions, such as reforestation, carbon offsetting, sustainable energy research, and social housing, to name a few. Such companies maintain due diligence and study each recommended project thoroughly to ensure optimum returns.

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