Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Emerald Knight Projects: The Ethical Choice to Profit from Investments

Emerald Knight Projects: The Ethical Choice to Investment Profit

Society’s increasing emphasis on social and environmental responsibilities is playing a huge role on how financial services are conducted all over the world. That’s why investments based on ethical principles are now widely available for anyone who wants to do his part in promoting social and environmental change.
The theory is that companies that make a positive contribution to people, wildlife, and the world in general are less likely to experience costly court actions, boycotts, strikes, or disagreements with regulators—all of which can have disastrous effects to their shares. Ethical companies should, therefore, have better long-term prospects. Ethical ventures offered by investment house Emerald Knight is a good example of such prospects.

How to invest ethically

Put simply, ethical investments encourage factors like environmental stewardship, human rights, consumer protection, and ethnical diversity. The areas of main concern for such investments can be summarized into one thing: environmental social governance (ESG). That’s why most ethical investments are handled through managed funds.
Managed funds are exactly that—an investment fund managed by a professional fund manager. These funds operate in the same manner as conventional funds in that baskets of shares are bought within a chosen sector. The difference lies in the thrust of the particular investment project. It goes without saying that with ethical investment funds, you not only find a grounded and sustainable way to profit from your money, but also ensure your contribution to the general sustainability of life here on earth.

Identifying what investments are ethical

Examples of ethical investments include pollution control, energy conservation and renewal, recycling measures, environmental protection, and ethical employment practices. Non-ethical investments include involvement in gambling, weapons manufacture, alcohol and tobacco promotion, pornography, oppressive regimes, animal testing, etc. If you invest in ethical investments, you can be sure that your finances are devoid of any of the negative examples mentioned above.
There are a large number of funds out there that apply completely ethical and environmental criteria. Emerald Knight investments are some of them. You can learn about other forms of ethical investments from the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS), a charity that aims to raise ethical investments awareness and regularly publishes a list of ethical financial advisers.

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