Thursday, 25 April 2013

Making Worthy Investments for the Ecosystem through Bamboo Plantations

Positive Environmental Impact of SRIs Such as Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects

While you’re looking through your options for socially responsible investments (SRIs), one of the choices that would surely catch your interest is bamboo plantations. Considering the numerous beneficial qualities of bamboo, especially its positive effects on the environment, it’s no wonder that investors have shown a great deal of interest in ventures such as Emerald Knight bamboo investments. To highlight the eco-friendliness of bamboo investment projects, the following are some ways in which bamboo helps protect the Earth.

Additional solution for water pollution.

For wastewater and sludge treatment, the Root Zone Method (RZM) has been developed by water treatment specialists. This process relies on the filtering capability of soil and the action of microorganisms present in the root zone of bamboo trees, which leads to the decomposition of toxic substances in wastewater. As of now, the use of bamboo stem rings as filters is also being studied.

Reduction of environmental toxins.

You probably already know that bamboo trees are huge absorbers of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, which they use for photosynthesis. Aside from removing waste gases from the atmosphere, this process also releases precious oxygen. Did you know that bamboo cultivation rarely requires the use of pesticides? Since bamboo plantations are relatively low-maintenance, and most species can grow well with organic fertilizers alone, you can be confident that such investments are viable and cost-efficient.

Prevention of soil erosion and regulation of floodwater.

Sites of Emerald Knight bamboo projects, which can cover hectares of fertile land, are lifesavers to the ecosystems and communities around them. During heavy raining, threats of floods and landslides are averted by bamboo forests due to their high water storage capacities. The extensive network of roots in bamboo thickets is effective in holding loose soil together, thereby reducing erosion, and making hills or slopes safer and more stable.

Preservation of limited natural resources.

Established investment companies, such as Emerald Knight Ltd., usually emphasize the sustainability and multiple applications of bamboo. Compared to other resources, bamboo has superior renewability due to its rapid growth and early maturity. As limited resources for flooring, textile, or construction materials are recuperating, bamboo products are supplying the demand. Although the advantages of bamboo investments are quite attractive, there are still other factors for you to consider. Thus, before you make that financial decision and invest your assets in bamboo plantations, do your own research and speak with a credible investment consultant.

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