Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Add Ethical Investments to your Portfolio | Emerald Knight Consultants

Adding Ethical Investments to your Portfolio with the Help of Emerald Knight Consultants

Putting your hard-earned money in assets that will yield great returns is never an easy enterprise. Moreover, traditional investments are not always sustainable, and some of them do not promote environmental stewardship or consumer and human rights. To make a good profit while safeguarding the environment and protecting the rights of the international community, individuals should look into alternative forms of growing their money.

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is one such alternative. Individuals interested in SRI avoid stocks and other assets that may damage communities or the environment, like weapons manufacturing, the production and distribution of pornography, and logging activities that lead to rapid deforestation. Individuals can seek the marketing expertise of Emerald Knight Consultants if they wish to add socially responsible assets to their portfolios.

Professional consultants can help their clients identify and repudiate assets that do not fit the criteria set down by SRI. While some assets may appear to be both lucrative and innocuous at first glance, they may have a tainted history. Examples of such assets include the trade in gemstones and precious metals like diamonds and gold. Some of these commodities are mined in countries that are experiencing armed conflict, with mining operations being directed by governments and insurgents that are guilty of extreme human rights abuses. 

Socially responsible individuals will naturally want to avoid putting their money in blood diamonds and other conflict minerals, as income generated by such resources is being used to fund wars. Consultants from companies like Emerald Knight Ltd are well informed on current economic, environmental, and political trends, and will only market opportunities that have passed accepted ethical standards.

Companies today are leaning towards enterprises that benefit developing countries; this will not only yield great financial returns, but will also fuel growth in emerging markets. Social housing projects in nations like Brazil are capable of yielding an anticipated 20 percent in fixed returns as well as principal capital return in 12 months. These projects aim to transfer underprivileged Brazilians from slums to well-constructed homes in safe communities.

Eco-conscious opportunities—like reforestation projects, alternative energy research and development, and the purchase of carbon credits—have the power to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change and restore the world's dwindling forests and woodlands. By choosing ethically sound strategies to grow their money, individuals are securing not only their own futures, but those of entire communities as well.

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