Thursday, 13 June 2013

Saving the Environment through Emerald Knight Investment Portfolios

Saving the Environment with Emerald Knight Investment Portfolios

The effects of climate change are increasingly felt around the world, and this has prompted governments, in conjunction with the scientific community and the private sector, to act with haste. At the same time, a growing number of concerned individuals and corporate entities have realized the need to support global efforts aimed at curbing the loss of resources, greenhouse gas emissions, worsening weather crises, and other problems. Such a worldwide trend has created the perfect environment, so to speak, for ethical or socially responsible investment (SRI) opportunities.

Rampant capitalism, i.e. economic growth with very little regard for the environment, has proven to be unsustainable. The Industrial Revolution may have led to tremendous technological and economic progress, yet it also laid waste to vast expanses of forest and potable water sources. Clearly, the prevailing mantra back then was profit at all cost. Times have changed, however, and a lot more profit-oriented folks now opt to go the SRI route through the projects found and marketed by Emerald Knight.

Those who engage in SRI initiatives steer clear of business ventures that harm the environment and have a negative effect on society. Instead, socially responsible investors help fund projects that address environmental as well as humanitarian issues. These include research and development for sustainable energy sources, reforestation projects, social housing, and carbon offsetting.

Ethical investing now forms more than just a niche sector and is in fact a widely accepted investment style. Individual as well as corporate investors who support environmental causes in principle yet are somehow unable to directly participate in conservation efforts can now put their money where their mouth is. In turn, firms like Emerald Knight Limited can bring socially responsible investment opportunities to the attention of investors to help them build a diversified investment portfolio.

While SRI is a matter of principle, investments are ultimately a profit-oriented undertaking and those that invest in the alternative market naturally expect returns on their investments. Always consult a certified financial advisor to learn about the risks with any opportunity before investing.

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