Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Emerald Knight Projects: The Ethical Choice to Profit from Investments

Emerald Knight Projects: The Ethical Choice to Investment Profit

Society’s increasing emphasis on social and environmental responsibilities is playing a huge role on how financial services are conducted all over the world. That’s why investments based on ethical principles are now widely available for anyone who wants to do his part in promoting social and environmental change.
The theory is that companies that make a positive contribution to people, wildlife, and the world in general are less likely to experience costly court actions, boycotts, strikes, or disagreements with regulators—all of which can have disastrous effects to their shares. Ethical companies should, therefore, have better long-term prospects. Ethical ventures offered by investment house Emerald Knight is a good example of such prospects.

How to invest ethically

Put simply, ethical investments encourage factors like environmental stewardship, human rights, consumer protection, and ethnical diversity. The areas of main concern for such investments can be summarized into one thing: environmental social governance (ESG). That’s why most ethical investments are handled through managed funds.
Managed funds are exactly that—an investment fund managed by a professional fund manager. These funds operate in the same manner as conventional funds in that baskets of shares are bought within a chosen sector. The difference lies in the thrust of the particular investment project. It goes without saying that with ethical investment funds, you not only find a grounded and sustainable way to profit from your money, but also ensure your contribution to the general sustainability of life here on earth.

Identifying what investments are ethical

Examples of ethical investments include pollution control, energy conservation and renewal, recycling measures, environmental protection, and ethical employment practices. Non-ethical investments include involvement in gambling, weapons manufacture, alcohol and tobacco promotion, pornography, oppressive regimes, animal testing, etc. If you invest in ethical investments, you can be sure that your finances are devoid of any of the negative examples mentioned above.
There are a large number of funds out there that apply completely ethical and environmental criteria. Emerald Knight investments are some of them. You can learn about other forms of ethical investments from the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS), a charity that aims to raise ethical investments awareness and regularly publishes a list of ethical financial advisers.

Tips for Successful Green Investments from Firms like Emerald Knight

Top Tips for Successful Green Investments from Firms like Emerald Knight

With pollution, climate change, and environmental degradation continuing to plague mankind, everyone must take an active role in making sure that future generations will have a clean and safe environment to live in. One way to participate in this effort is to venture into green investing. Green investing aims to improve the environment by supporting enterprises that use or promote clean and sustainable technologies. If you’re willing to explore the benefits of this kind of venture, green investment firm Emerald Knight has some tips to help you out.

Where Do You Want to Invest?

Green investments are divided into different sectors, including renewable energy, pollution control, and natural foods. Each of these sectors is further divided into many subgroups. If you’re planning to venture into green investing, the first thing you need to do is determine which sector you want to invest in.
Choose sectors which best align with your personal and environmental beliefs. From a list of recommended investment projects that have passed the required due diligence of firms like Emerald Knight, choose one that can help further those beliefs. Don’t forget to diversify your investment portfolio, and check out other investments of other green sectors.

Figure out How You Want to Invest

Once you know which sector to invest in, figure out how you want to do so. As with traditional investing, there are many ways for you to go for a green enterprise that you like. Stocks, mutual funds, microfinance, and venture capitalism are some examples of investment opportunities. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks, and caters to different kinds of investors.

Be Wary of “Green” Claims

When picking a business to invest in, Emerald Knight consultants suggest that you ask yourself this question: What identifies something as a green product or service? There are many companies out there that claim to be “green”, but can’t provide solid proof for such claims. If a company’s green claims turn out to be false, you will suffer when the company’s stock plummets. Before investing in a certain green business, make sure that its claims are verifiable and true.
Finally, if you really want to venture into green investing, get an active role in advocating for sustainable change. You can do this by becoming a stakeholder. Instead of just holding shares, stakeholders can have an active role in shaping company policies towards environmental reform.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Making Investments with Emerald Knight to Help Build a Better World

Building a Better World Through Emerald Knight Ethical Investments

Green or ethical investments are different from mainstream investments because they are not only made based on the promise of financial returns. This type of investing takes into account the social and environmental impact that the company’s activities may have. These are the types of financial products provided by Emerald Knight consultants to their clients.

Just as “green” products and services are available to consumers who commit themselves to using them, financial products that benefit the environment and society are also available options for today’s socially-responsible investors. These investments may promote better corporate social responsibility, innovative solutions for increased energy efficiency, or greener production processes. In the same manner as one’s own principles determine how he lives his life, one’s spending patterns are indicators of his personal values.


Fund organizations have varied definitions of what is considered ethical. Investors evaluate investment portfolios or mutual funds based on different criteria. They may use either positive or negative screens in choosing which companies to invest in. Emerald Knight consultants are professionals who have backgrounds in the financial sector, and are armed with the ability to determine which companies use green and sustainable practices.

Positive Screens

These are characteristics that investors look for in buying company stocks. A profitable company that exhibits good employer-employee relations and respects human rights all over the world is more likely to be chosen than an enterprise that exploits child laborers and subjects its employees to unsafe work environments. Strong environmental practices, and the use and production of safe and useful products are also included in an ethical investor’s buying checklist.

Negative Screens

This type of screening eliminates companies associated with industries such as alcohol, pornography, arms, animal testing, and tobacco. Issues like arms dealing, human rights abuses, and oppressive regimes are some of those which raise alert flags among responsible investors who prefer to keep their distance from any entity associated with these. Studies have shown that negative screening is not an economically damaging practice as it does not hurt the performance of the industry being shut out.

Screening is a tedious process that requires extensive research and analysis. It is best to turn to a company like Emerald Knight which provides its clients with the ethical investment options that have passed a stringent selection process. By choosing where your money goes and how it is used, you can help in building a better world.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Making Socially Responsible Profits through Emerald Knight Investments

Looking into the Future with Emerald Knight Bamboo Investments

With increasing focus on the environment over the last few decades, investment opportunities focusing on sustainable resources are gaining traction. This is because many executives see the need to for their profit generation to have a socially responsible dimension such as helping the environment through companies like Emerald Knight. While it’s tempting to invest your hard-earned money on stable and notable investments which are safe bets, it is also good to develop the temperament of being able to hold off until the next big thing comes along.

Thankfully, it’s becoming easier to spot the big things in the highly lucrative and socially responsible investment opportunities being developed these days. These prospects involve resources that are sustainable, most of them being organic. Such opportunities include Emerald Knight bamboo investments which aid investors gain revenue from sustainable sources. What exactly do bamboo investments entail, and why are they important? If you are still unaware of this, you need to appreciate how bamboo holds much more promise than timber.

Consider these facts: Bamboo removes up to four times more undesirable carbon dioxide from the air than other trees. At the same time, bamboo shoots release three times more oxygen into the atmosphere than garden plants, largely because of their rapid growth. Moreover, this reputed quick growth inspires perceptive speculators to risk their money on bamboo investments where they can expect a quick return. Perhaps you’ve seen exotic furniture made of bamboo. Furniture making is one of the uses of the evergreen grass (it’s neither a tree nor a shrub). In many Asian countries, various businesses and industries use bamboo extensively for many applications. For instance, some construction companies in China have built road bridges mainly of bamboo, with the completed structures able to accommodate trucks as heavy as 16 tons.

Strong bamboo stalks are used to make musical instruments, utensils, toys, diapers, and more. An increasing number of companies are starting to see the many mainstream uses of bamboo. As a result, they have begun to put their money in Emerald Knight Bamboo investments, in anticipation of gains reaped in only a few months. Such ventures augur continued revenue in the following years. More importantly, they also promise a brighter future for the environment.